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Our unique value proposal

Create the conditions for a successful  launch of your key projects by using our digital path and service offer


Define the strategy and
the target to reach

Define the Strategy:
- Work your Marketing                          Segmentation
- Analyze the segments                        through Internal & External Axis
- Take decisions with                             strategic Matrix & SWOT
10+ Strategic Marketing Methodologies

Our Steps... 



Structure the ideation phase 

Structure the Ideation process by:
- Defining the ideation                       perimeter
- Describing the ideas with
   Idea canvas
10+ Canvas


Select the correct opportunities

Select the correct opportunities:
- Compare the ideas with the quick     analysis
- Select the correct ideas thank 
  to the Prioritization Matrix
10 + Different Analysis
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Accelarate Your Decision Process

Formalize the maturity and the robustness of your projects though canvases
Evaluate quickly your portfolio to allocate your resources efficiently by scoring:
- The attractivity of the market
- The assets of your company
- The strategic alignment
10+ Canvases & 30+ Matrix


Explore the canvases and the opportunities

Explore the key topic of your project:
- What: Value Proposition
- How: Partnership Strategy
- Who: Customer segments
- How Much: Economic                    Scenarios
10+ Canvases & 30+ Matrix
Dashbord Portfoilo Strategeex


Build your steering cockpit 

Work on the macro steering of your key projects/portfolio:
- Visualize your projects in real time
- Follow the key indicators
- Create your steering cockpit to               display the key information
Financial indicators, KPI & Action plan

Strategeex Service Offer

Our experts can help you better understand your metrics and devise a new data driven strategy

Co Achievement : 
Strategeex experts help your team to perform the path for one project
Project coaching : 
Strategeex experts challenge the content of a project done by your team

Improve Efficiency

Get a maximum of results with a minimum of resources
Involve the right people at the right time

Improve Effectiveness

Halve the time of your studies by creating the success condition of your project

Time & Money Saving

Foster communication across  teams to improve overall  efficiency.

Our customers 


J.B Yvon : corporate VP diversification

“The solution is ideal for creating and updating business models. The use has become systematic in the context of the support of startups”

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Our solutions are tailored to all types of businesses.
We'll identify the solution you need and suggest the best strategy. 

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(1)  12 months engament after a test period of 3 months ( free trial included). SaaS mode. On permise possible with specific quote 
(2)  Only available if you subscribe to a package software
(3)  Without travel expenses
(4)  On demand (Market Study, Voice of Customer inquiry,…)

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