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Manage your projects faster

and more effectively with canvases

Experience the power of visual collaboration and succeed in your projects with the most popular start up tool ! 

Our value proposal

Create the condition of success before strategic project begin by choosing the Strategeex’s Green and Blue path 


Lean & Agile

Organize, track and update projects collaboratively.

Boost your product sprint and start delivering faster.

Visual and Instant

Make quicker decisions and  better progress thanks to  a customizable, intuitive tool.


Foster communication across  teams to improve overall  efficiency.



—  Name, Title


J.B Yvon : corporate VP diversification

“The solution is ideal for creating and updating business models. The use has become systematic in the context of the support of startups”


Intuitive. Powerful. Creative 

Look beyond tasks and  gain an insight of what your  workflow and strategy will  look like next week, next  month, or next year.
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+ over 10 different Canvas



Explore the canvases and the opportunities

Look beyond each case of your canvas to explore your analysis & evaluate the opportunities :
  • Value Proposition
  • Key Partners
  • Customer segment

10+  Exploration Cavanses and Analysis



Accelerate your decision process

Evaluate quickly the attractivity and the assets of each project to allocate your resources efficiently

30+ decision matrix



Identify economic issues & feasability

Simulate alternative scenarios by analyzing the economics forecast and the ability of the company to implement ​

Business plan + Qualitative analysis



Better collaboration Streamlined information

Engage all your on-site or remote teams across formats and monitor progress on global projects.
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Financial indicators, KPI & Action plan


Strategeex Service Offer

Our experts can help you better understand your metrics and devise a new data driven strategy

Co Achievement : 

Strategeex experts help your team to perform the path for one project

Project coaching : 

Strategeex experts challenge the content of a project done by your team

Our solutions are tailored to all types of businesses.
We'll identify the solution you need and suggest the best strategy. 

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Digital transformation of the strategic and management consulting industry


Help companies to reach sustainable growth through tools that enable them to succeed in their strategic projects


Online software developed in-house (SaaS applications)

 Training and various levels of on-going support provided

We believe that simplicity and transparency help companies grow faster. Join us today and try the world's most powerful interactive planning tool.

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